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We are dynamically developing Edmonton area based company. We offer high quality European Stretch Ceiling services in the interior design and renovations market. Our product is manufactured in Canada.


European Stretch Ceiling System is a type of suspended ceiling. It is a two part system: profiles around the perimeter of the room and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thin membrane stretched to the profiles to cover the desired area.

Same application can be used for walls and murals. European Stretch Ceiling System can be integrated with any light system (LED, new or existing pot lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans), sprinkler systems and heat vents.

These applications are suitable for any COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL properties.

If you are trying to update the visual appeal of your space or make your place of business more attractive or increase buyer interest in a property, we have the solution for you.

We are helping to transform your space with endless design possibilities using the highest quality material from Europe to create truly unique ceilings and walls.

They are practical, durable and safe solution for all premises. Perfectly fitted to cover or replace any type of ceilings. This is a custom made ceiling to fit your room, which is also removable so you can fix or add more utilities behind the material (add pot lights, sound system, etc.)

Stretch ceilings are installed quickly with minimum construction or mess to your property. It can be used on any surface such as popcorn ceiling, concrete, wood, drywall, paint, floor joists, etc.


You don’t even need to move furniture out of the room

For unfinished basement, this is the perfect finish, because there is no need for drywall, sanding or painting. It is a fast and dust free installation.

European stretch ceilings are incredibly light. With a weight of just 240 gr/m2 they are lighter than any other type of ceiling available on the market and, therefore, they minimise the load on the building’s structure.

Also, stretch ceiling material is very strong and durable, being able to hold up to 100 liters of water per 1 sq m. So if you have a leak, the ceiling will retain water and prevent spreading of the water to the walls and floor causing damage. Removing the water from the ceiling is easy and can be performed by our installer, who will open the ceiling, remove water, and reinstall the ceiling to its original position. Please, see our Durability test video

Our European stretch ceilings can be used in any living space, including bathrooms and pools. It is 100% antifungal, hypoallergenic, waterproof. Will not spread fire or melt. Stretch ceilings are also beneficial in your swimming pool, because it provides additional vapour barrier, and is unaffected by the harsh pool environment.

PVC stretch ceiling design is completely customizable and includes various elements to personalize your space, it can include:

  • Backlighting, light boxes
  • Ceiling panels
  • 2D, 3D prints
  • Gloss or matt finishes
  • Mirror finish
  • Over a 100 different colours


We are always glad to work with interior decorators and designers.


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